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Scooter Lock Cable with Combination
Scooter Lock Cable with Combination
Scooter Lock Cable with Combination
Scooter Lock Cable with Combination
Scooter Lock Cable with Combination
Scooter Lock Cable with Combination

Scooter Lock Cable with Combination

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Lock your peace of mind in with the electric scooter lock with combination

Are you afraid your A11, A8, or any other scooter may fall victim to thieves? Safeguard it with this anti-cut lock, specifically designed for ultimate protection. This quick-reset e-scooter lock packs a plethora of 4-digit combination codes that you can pre-set for unparalleled security for your e-companion, whether it is a Kid’s or Pro series. With it, you can rest easy knowing your scooter waits for you when you are out and about.

Buy the lock for an electric scooter online

While thieves may get better at manipulating security systems and using advanced cable cutters, your scooter isn’t supposed to be at risk. The scooter cable lock for sale is an anti-theft solution that can be easily attached to the wheel of your scooter. It works for any LEQISMART model and is sturdier than other cables on the market.

Made with braided steel wire, our e-scooter lock boasts exceptional durability when attached. Measuring 4 feet long and 1/2 inch in diameter, the cable is suitable for fastening your vehicle to bike racks, fences, or other stationary objects, ensuring it stays secure and protected. This lock is the top choice for immobilizing your scooter and eradicating theft risks.

Keep thieves at bay and protect your investment with our high-strength steel scooter lock!

E-scooter lock defense against weather and tampering

Our cable lock is designed for multi-level protection. It withstands corrosion aggravated by water, dust, and dirt, so using it outdoors is not an issue. The durable coating of the cable offers an added layer of defense, preventing scratches and damage to your scooter’s finish.

By choosing this lock for e-scooters, you’re not merely selecting a way to safeguard your LEQISMART creation but also acquiring a dependable, weather-resistant, and tamper-proof shield against the elements and potential thieves. The lock brings together easy installation and removal, striking the perfect balance between lockable convenience and 4-digit security.

Give your scooter the anti-cut protection it deserves and ride with confidence, knowing your e-companion is not in jeopardy even when you’re not around.

The pro scooter is available at the America warehouse, we can ship it really fast to the America customers.

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Easy to attach

It is very convenient to carry it with your electric scooter.

Easy to lock

You can lock your electric scooter easily nearby the fixed pole.


You can set the password for the lock with 4 numbers.


The scooter lock adopts heavy-duty braided steel cable, very difficult to cut it off.