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A6L Electric Scooter



S11 Electric Scooter



A11 Electric Scooter (ABE)



A6S Pro Electric Scooter



A6S Electric Scooter



A6L Pro Electric Scooter



D12 Electric Scooter


A8 Electric Scooter

Powerful electric scooter with 350W motor, 10.8Ah battery, supports 25miles range, APP and brilliant LED riding lights.

A8/D12 Electric Scooter

Designed by Huawei and LEQISMART company, the electric scooter supports HarmonyOS APP, smart LED light system and private design body.


Budget smart electric scooter supports APP control, auto on light system, left & right turning lights.

S11 Electric Scooter

It carries 8.5" inflatable tires, 350W motor on front wheel, 7.5Ah battery, supports 25km/h max speed and about 20km range.

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Smart Travel, Dares to Imagine!

Dare to imagine freedom with a good electric scooter

Put an end to exhausting commutes in crowded buses, and say hello to the bright perspectives of electric scooters! A perfect balance of speed, pavement performance, and practicality, LEQISMART e-scooters for sale are ready to upgrade your ride and enable you to get around faster and more conveniently. Plus, they are surprisingly affordable.

Our two-wheelers are designed for easy handling – you don’t have to worry about intricate riding techniques. They come with owner-friendly features, including speed control, brake lights, dampening elements, and secure locking systems, to become a favorite commute option for anyone who dares to imagine.

Highly maneuverable, cheap e-scooters

Are you inspired by all things eco-friendly? Want to spend more time with your kids outdoors? Some compelling reasons why LEQISMART electric scooters for sale are your devoted companions on any occasion include:

  • Motor power. Whether you are tackling hills or riding on flat terrain, our scooters won’t run out of performance. They have powerful motors that allow for different speeds for leisurely rides and quick commuting.
  • Battery life. LEQISMART electric scooters are upgraded with high-capacity batteries. Their single charge lasts enough for your daily commute or weekend errands. And when the juice level is low, you can always switch to Economy mode.
  • Range & Weight. The ranges and weight limits are perfect for riders of all sizes. Invite your friends or kids to join your e-scooter trip.
  • Safety features. ABS and lights for low-visibility conditions ensure your worry-free journey.
  • On-the-go control. The LCDs on all LEQISMART e-scooters for sale give you a roundup of battery levels and speed settings. This makes for a more comfortable and enjoyable trip since all changes can be monitored as you go.

Gas-free lifestyle

When investing in our A6, A8, A11, or other models, you get an excellent deal for your dollars – our cheap prices for electric scooters are incredibly tough to beat. In addition, you don’t have to worry about spending money on gasoline or parking fees.

Are you pressed for space? Our scooters are smaller than bicycles, easy to store, and take up almost no room in your garage or driveway. Unlike most motorized vehicles, they don’t pump out harmful fumes and require little upkeep. Just make sure to have your battery charged for optimal performance and sometimes clean it of dirt.

Buy an e-scooter online. Dare to enjoy your gas-free lifestyle!