Smart travel, Dares to imagine

About Us

Founded in 2016, LEQISMART is a global brand focusing on intelligence short commuting. Following the footsteps of the intelligence era, LEQISMART brings a new revolution to the field of electric scooter with breakthrough technology innovation. It has become a leader in the field of intelligence commuting and short transportation vehicles.

Brand Slogan: Smart travel, Dares to imagine.

Brand Vision: Focus on intelligent short commuting, making products that appeal to young people, leading the trend of future travel.



Enter the field of intelligent short transportation. Establishment of Research and Development center.


Focus on electric scooter research and development. The hoverboard
top 3 seller in this year.


Set up a joint innovation center with the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
A number of smart travel products have been released.


3 products have passed the ABE certification of German Transportation and obtained the highest score.


Establish the Intelligent Travel Research Institute. Improve product line layout.


Focus on intelligent robot short traffic field. Huawei ecological strategic partner.